According to our “Price Guarantee”, we promise to refund the difference plus 10% if you have purchased a product from us and then found an identical product elsewhere.

Products must have the SAME CHARACTERISTICS

You can’t match prices on products with different specifications or ingredients.

Located in Spain

Based in SPAIN. The “matched price” company must be registered in Spain.

We do not accept auctions

  • We do not accept auction prices, whether it is “buy now” or something similar.
  • The price guarantee does NOT include sales channels such as EBAY, AMAZON or any other platform with the same characteristics.
  • The price guarantee does NOT include our own products sold on different websites, or countries.


If you see a product at a better price, you may obtain quantifiable evidence such as a brochure with the price, a web page that we can verify or a brochure reference. Just saying you’ve seen it somewhere else at a better price isn’t enough.